Underwater Videography Internship Program
Adding to the evergrowing list of exclusive training here at Bali’s top dive centre, our
professional underwater videographer Saki Ono offers the island’s only professional-quality
Underwater Videography training. Join Saki to develop your own videography skills as she shares with you her decade of underwater filming experience.



Underwater Filming
Getting the right shots is all about developing your senses of propulsion,
composition, position, and anticipation. Saki will work with you during your video internship to help you develop these key skills. Having a steady shot is only part of the skill. Perfecting your populsion will help you with this. Composition is all about how you frame the shot and create a desired feeling for the viewer.
Positioning has to do with being in the right place at the right time. It is also a key part of the composition process. Finally, learning to anticipate the
movements of aquatic life involves a thorough understanding of their behaviors. In order to master anticipation, there is no substitute for experience.

In-camera Editing
Once you are able to get the right shots, your editing job becomes much, much
easier. However, there are always some finishing touches to be done. Part of being an efficient videographer is being able to have a finished product by the time you get back to the dive center. As most of our interns wish to go on and work in dive centers providing their videography services, this is an important part of the
training. Saki will teach you to put together the day’s video using edit-in-camera techniques so that your finished product will be ready for viewing as soon as you
return to the shop. This is an incredibly effective technique which will help in
converting your video talents into actual video sales.
Underwater Videography Internship Program is available at your preferred diving centre.